75 Elgin Street, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Elgin Integral Health Centre


The Elgin Integral Health Centre was established in October 2005 by Chiropractor Doctor Craig Kohvakko and Naturopathic Doctor Todd Carricato. The historic building has been transformed into a very professional and well-respected health care facility which houses many talented health care practitioners.


Our Experts

Todd Carricato, Naturopathic Doctor

Todd Carricato graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004. He is trained in herbal medicine, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, auricular medicine and counselling.

Todd takes a patient-centred approach to treat acute and chronic health conditions including allergies, digestive disorders, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, cancer, mental-emotional disorders, skin conditions, arthritis, and weight management. Health is re-established by developing programs tailored to your unique profile that manage current conditions while addressing their underlying causes. Treatments are safe and have confirmed efficacy. Careful examination of risk factors for future disease in conjunction with selective testing ensures your longevity and wellness.

Appointments can be made by telephone (705) 256-6239, or in person at the Elgin Integral Health Centre

Kelly Burton, Nutritional Consultant

Kelly is trained in nutrition and orthomolecular health. On a one to one basis, Kelly will introduce new dietary habits, incorporating the latest nutritional breakthroughs and identifying individual imbalances and weaknesses. Since it may be difficult to acheive optimal health through food alone, vitamin and mineral supplementation may be recommended. Individualized meal plans are also available.

Appointments can be made by telephone (705) 943-5049

Dr. Craig Kohvakko, Chiropractor

Dr. Kohvakko is trained in Gait Analysis, Biomechanics, and Ergonomics. Dr. Kohvakko, who focuses on “patient education”, utilizes electrotherapy, ultrasound, muscle release, soft tissue therapy, laser and mobilization and manipulation of bones and joints. He offers professional diagnosis and management of muscle, joint, nerve, ligament, tendon, and arthritic conditions.

Appointments for Dr. Kohvakko can be made by telephone (705) 256-6239, or in person at the Elgin Integral Health Centre

Meagan Vance, KBKin, RMT

Meagan Vance is a Registered Massage Therapist since 2000. Massage therapy is a safe and effective way of restoring normal muscle and joint function, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, enhancing recovery from injuries and reducing stress and tension. Meagan’s roots in kinesiology enable her to complement chiropractic, occupational, and physiotherapy.

Appointments can be made by telephone (705) 256-6239

Cheryl Pierman

Cheryl is the receptionist who will greet you at the Elgin Integral Health Centre. She will assist you with booking appointment s and is the liason between you and your practitioner.